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Living A Meaningful life through The Art of Self-Discovery

Embrace your true self,

recognize your patterns,

and recalibrate your mind

to create a happier and more fulfilling life 

Why is it important to know yourself?

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Leading a Fulfilling and Purposeful Life

โค้ชอาร์ต จุฬาลักษณ์

Self-Discovery Coach for Self and Soul Development

Knowing and understanding your nature, life purpose, and inner values will teach you how to love yourself unconditionally. As a result, your life will become more fulfilling and have a clearer direction.

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Building Better Relationships

Knowing and understanding yourself will help you build a better relationship with yourself, which also turns into compassion for others. You will be able to communicate with others with your heart. Once you can love and accept yourself wholeheartedly, you can also love and accept others.

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Dealing Better with Hard Times

By knowing and understanding the interconnection between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, you will develop better strategies to cope with your emotions. Deciphering the mechanisms underlying your happiness and sadness will help you break free from the vicious cycles of your negative patterns and see the world as it is. As a result, you will be capable of dealing with stressful situations in life better and making grounded life-decision.

Transforming Your Life

from Within

Awakening Your Inner Power and Living a Better Life by “Knowing and Understanding Yourself”.


I use various techniques and modalities to guide you on a journey of inner transformation. Besides seeing a holistic picture of yourself, you will also develop your inner strength to live more understandingly and happily. Moreover, you will see that true inner peace is not far away.


About Coach Art Chulaluck Cheewarattanaphan
Self-Discovery Coach for Self and Soul Development

Despite all the successes, I felt an emptiness deep inside. My life seemed meaningless. The way I was living, and all the accomplishments I had made did not reflect my true sense of self.

Self-Discovery Programs

Private Coaching (บริการโค้ชชิ่งแบบตัวต่อตัว)

Integrative Life Coaching


Workshop: Finding Fulfillment In Life

I felt that she truly understood me as a person and the journey I have been taking on. She uses her heart to listen, and with her certifications in many areas, she can provide suitable tools and frameworks that are best for that person at a given time.

Anonymous Coachee 

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