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The Comfort Zone, as comfortable as it seems, why step out?

The Comfort zone is the state where you temporarily feel familiar, comfortable, and secure. It can be described as circumstances where you are naturally able to do something, where the minimum effort is used. You know the consequences of what you do. You know what to do to achieve something.

You feel that you are in control of doing things. You feel secure and have no fear in such a familiar situation.

Why do you need to get out of it even though it offers us lots of comfort?

Why do most successful people recommend you leave your comfort zone?

We all have gone through several comfort zones in our childhood. When you learned how to ride a bicycle, you might go through the fear of falling from the bike before you can ride. When you learn how to swim, you might have choked several times before you can swim like fish.

You do not have to leave your comfort zone but expand it gradually.

This takes time to practice. At first, you might have some fear but if you continue doing overtime you will discover more freedom.

You can start small but continuously. There is no need to overdo it. Doing 1% better than the day before is sufficient.

A small step each day can make a big change. One day, you will find yourself in a new opportunity that continuously expands.

Do you want to leave or stay in your comfort zone?

Only you can answer.

Let’s Learn and Grow Together.


The Art of Self-Discovery


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