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Pricing: Integrative Life Coaching

Ad Hoc Session Plan (one time)
60 minutes per session

THB 5,000

Suitable for those who want guidance for a specific issue that is not complex.

Six-Session Package
90-120 minutes per session

THB 35,000 

Suitable for more complex issues that need continuous guidance. Each session is tailored to meet the coachee’s specific needs.

(One topic per program)

Which plan is right for you?

Ad Hoc Session (one time)

This plan is suitable for those who need guidance on a topic that is not overly complex. This can be goal setting, emotional management in a particular situation, changing perspectives, advice on decision-making, and one-off energy healing sessions.

Six-Session Package

The six-session package is designed for more complex issues that cannot be solved within one session. The coach will make a preliminary discussion with the coachee to identify their needs and problems before devising the program accordingly. The coaching result depends on the coachee’s situation and commitment. Importantly, coaching requires the coachee to invest time and energy. Changes will not possible unless the coachee follows the coach’s advice and apply lessons learned from the session in their daily life. The coach is there to motivate and assist the coachee to the best of her ability throughout the program.

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