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Finding Fulfillment in Life

Discover what fulfills you to start living a happier life.

‘The meaningful life starts from within.'

Have you ever asked yourself, “What are you born to do?”, “What does life means to you?”, “What are the most important things in life?” You might have been preoccupied with duties while forgetting who you are and what you want.

This is what I went through before. I understand that when life is more overwhelming, you tend to ignore your true self, your actual needs, and your true happiness.

I organize the ‘Fulfilling Your Life’ workshop to help people reconnect with themselves, reassess their life and design the life they want.


This workshop will help you if…

  • You are not sure about what to do in life.

  • You do not feel fulfilled despite the successes you have had.

  • You feel something is missing in your life and want to find what they are.

  • You want to make your life different and learn new things.

  • You want to learn and understand yourself better.

What will you learn from the workshop? 

  • Knowing and understanding yourself better and gaining clarity on priorities in life.

  • Discovering your top five passions that make your life fulfilled.

  • Learning how to live purposefully and happily.

  • Reaching into your heart and setting the realistic direction in life.

  • Designing the life you want.

How is the workshop conducted?

  • The workshop comprises active learning activities in which participants exchange their experiences and reflection with peers. This is a 'simple yet powerful' self-discovery method where the coach will be the workshop facilitator.

  • The workshop is intimate and small (between 6-8 people) to ensure the quality of the discussion.

Who is this workshop suitable for?

  • Those who want to live a life that aligns with their true sense of self.

  • Those who want to redesign their life to live happily and meaningfully.

  • Those who need strategies and guidelines to overcome a midlife crisis by discovering their real needs.

What does the workshop include?

  1. One-day workshop and materials.

  2. “The Passion Test,” a tool that helps identify the essential things in your life.

  3. Up-to-three-month support after the workshop (through LINE application).


THB 5,900

“Knowing Yourself Is The Beginning Of All Wisdom.”
― Aristotle

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