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Integrative Life Coaching

Coaching is about using techniques and modalities to help the client (or coachee) realize their problem, see unseen perspectives, and find hidden opportunities by themselves. The coach will encourage the coachee to develop their skills, overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

“Integrative Life Coaching” combines coaching techniques with other modalities, including applied psychology, cognitive behavior therapy, and energy healing when working with clients. The coach will ask questions and use different strategies such as teaching, counseling, and energy healing. Coaching sessions are designed to meet the coachee’s specific needs and want, thus helping them achieve their goal.

How can the integrative coaching support your personal growth?



Personal Development

Courage & Self-esteem


Time and Stress Management

Emotional Management


or Any Other Areas You Wish to Improve

Common Topics for Integrative Life Coaching

  • Self-Discovery

    • Finding my purpose in life

    • Finding my needs

    • Knowing and understanding my nature

  • Finding Your Happiness
    • What is happiness?
    • How can I measure happiness?
    • How can I be happy alone?
    • How can I manage emotion?
  • Work-Related Issues
    • Finding my dream job
    • Finding my strength
    • Finding my passion
    • Finding the right job or
      the right degree to study
    • Improving my work-life balance
  • Relationship Topics​​​
    • How to choose the right life partner?
    • How to practice reciprocity in a relationship?
    • How to understand the needs and wants
      of you and your partner?
    • How to be happy single? 
    • How to develop with peers? 

  • ​Decision-making process

    • Option A or Option B

    • Stay or Leave

    • Stay or Resign

  • Mind Change Practices

    • Dealing with beliefs that hold you back

    • Getting rid of problems

    • Changing your thought for new possibilities

  • Issues related to behaviors

    • Perfectionism

    • Procrastination

    • People-Pleasing

    • Unhealthy boundaries

  • Emotional Management

    • Dealing with difficult emotions such as stress, anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, etc.​

Integrative Life Coaching is for:

  • Those who believe in interdisciplinary science. There is no one-size-fits-all tool to solve problems. Everyone is unique.

  • Those who love self-improvement and want to have a happier life and sustainable success.

  • Those who want to tap into their potential and use them to drive success.

  • Those wishing to see the world from a new perspective and find a new opportunity that aligns with their sense of meaning.

Integrative Life Coaching might not be for

  • Those who do not believe that people can change.

  • Those who only wait for others to change the world.

  • Those who wait for a miracle to be happy.

What will you get from Integrative Life Coaching?

  1. You will find more effective strategies to deal with your problem. The tested and proven coaching techniques and modalities will help you reduce the time spent on trial and error.

  2. You will get a series of tools and concepts customized for your needs, which can be used to support your lifelong personal development journey.

  3. You will get one-on-one support from the coach, who can guide you toward your desired goal.

Delivery Method

  • Online (through ‘Zoom’ application)

Spacious Living Room

Before joining the Integrating Life Coaching Plan, I did not know what coaching was. I had seen some coaching scenes in the movie. I felt that coaching was like psychotherapy, where the coach gives advice, suggests improvement plans, encourages positive thinking, asks the universe for something, and so on. I have met many professional and apprentice coaches and joined several coaching sessions. But, in those days, it was not yet clear to me how it worked.
For me, “Integrating Life Coaching” is like there is someone who listens to your problem and understands who you are. I got to express the deep feeling that I never told others or even things I did not want to accept. I had never imagined that there would be someone willing to help me, who saw me as a whole person without judgment and encouragement to move on.
Now, I understand that self-acceptance is the key to happiness and inner peace. It is more important to love myself rather than seek recognition from others. I have started to appreciate what I have and the love from my family and peers. These are things I have always neglected and prevent me from living my life to the fullest. Now I accept my imperfections, and I can love myself as I am.
Before, I thought coaching was nonsense. But I can say that getting a life coach is the best decision I have ever made.

Anonymous Coachee

Frequently Asked Question
  • Who can benefit from coaching?
    Coaching can benefit those who want to make personal growth by knowing and understanding themselves, who want to shorten the process of solving their problem, or who want to strengthen their mental health. Business entrepreneurs, family business heirs, and executives constitute the largest group of coachees. Mid-career employees who suffer from middle-life crises and university students also come for coaching sessions.
  • How long does it take to see the results?
    Changes start when the coachee begins to understand themselves or realize their problem. However, changes are multidimensional and can be divided into mental, emotional, and behavioral aspects. The cooperation between the coach and the coachee is the key to driving changes. The coachee must take ownership of their development. Coaching will never work out without the coachee’s commitment and active participation. Coaching is a personal growth journey undertaken by the coachee. The coach will be the companion who helps them reflect on their problems and provide guidance and assistance.
  • How often are there coaching sessions?
    Coaching sessions should be held once a week to ensure the effectiveness of the service. However, this may vary from one situation to another and may be adapted according to the coachee’s needs.
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