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Have You Ever Said, ‘Yes’ But Your Heart Says ‘No’?

If this happens to you, it might be worth asking, Am I really happy?”

If the answer is no, this may be because you are in the trap of being a good person.

Today, I invite you to practice saying “no” to let go of emotional baggage that continuously hurt.

From now on, try the three steps below before you say yes habitually.

1. Ask yourself why you don’t dare to say no. Do you need to follow everyone’s needs? What do you fear when you refuse to do something? Is this fear of not being wanted, fear of not being loved, fear of not being important, fear of not being good enough? Is this a belief or reality?

2. Know your boundary or set the boundary for yourself. Practice the art of saying ‘no’ by respecting others and yourself.

3. Embrace the thought that refusal is normal but answering everyone’s request is not. Pleasing everyone seems good but will eventually make you feel down because you put too much pressure on yourself. Learning how to refuse will make you more time for doing what you want and feel less guilty about yourself. You will gain more respect for yourself.

When you dare to be yourself, the whole world will accept you as you are.

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