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Emotion ≠ Good or Bad

Having bad moods is not an indicator of being a good or bad person. Not expressing your emotion is not good. In a long term, it will lead to emotional paralysis.

Emotions are normal reactions of humans that is beyond their control.

What you can do is observe and be aware of emotions.

Do you know when you are angry? Do you know when you are annoyed? Do you know when you are frustrated?

Are you worried about the future or regretting the past?

Once you know and understand your emotions, you can live with them peacefully.

Emotions can be released once you learn to understand their root causes and stimulants, which can be distorted thinking caused by personal experience that prevents you to see reality.

All emotions, regardless of their root causes, will naturally dissipate if you do not seek to amplify them.

Just like nothing lasts forever, emotions are temporary.

Just befriend your emotions.

Let’s Learn and Grow Together.


The Art of Self-Discovery


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