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  • Who can benefit from coaching?
    Coaching can benefit those who want to make personal growth by knowing and understanding themselves, who want to shorten the process of solving their problem, or who want to strengthen their mental health. Business entrepreneurs, family business heirs, and executives constitute the largest group of coachees. Mid-career employees who suffer from middle-life crises and university students also come for coaching sessions.
  • How long does it take to see the results?
    Changes start when the coachee begins to understand themselves or realize their problem. However, changes are multidimensional and can be divided into mental, emotional, and behavioral aspects. The cooperation between the coach and the coachee is the key to driving changes. The coachee must take ownership of their development. Coaching will never work out without the coachee’s commitment and active participation. Coaching is a personal growth journey undertaken by the coachee. The coach will be the companion who helps them reflect on their problems and provide guidance and assistance.
  • How often are there coaching sessions?
    Coaching sessions should be held once a week to ensure the effectiveness of the service. However, this may vary from one situation to another and may be adapted according to the coachee’s needs.
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