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The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die

Life is a journey where there is no turning back.

It is impossible to travel back in time to correct our mistakes, but we can learn from the past to make a better present and create a better future.

Also, learning from the experiences of others, especially older people who have a wealth of skills and experiences, is very useful because we can save time.

Dr. John Izzo spoke to 235 people aged between 60-105 who were identified by their peers as having discovered happiness and meaning in life (selected from 15,000 nominees). He discovered five wisdom keys to a happy life:

1. Be Honest to Yourself

“If you want to do anything, do it right away. Things always work out if we follow our heart while constantly evaluating what we do.”

To live a purposeful life, you may need to ask yourself, “Am I following my heart and being honest to ourselves”, “Am I focusing on what matters in life?”, “Am I the person who I desire to be in this world?”.

2. Leave No Regret

If you don’t want to regret it later, you need to live a brave life. That is, you focus on your wants rather than your fear. You need to overcome disappointment that inevitably happens, as well as learn how to forgive and let go of things.

3. Become Love

You learn how to love yourself and others. If you doubt your values, you will never find happiness. You should treat people closer to us with love and focus on building good relationships.

4. Live in the Moment

Do your best at every moment without criticizing yourself. Do not dwell in the past nor worry about the future. Every moment of life is precious and meaningful. Each day is a great present.

5. Give rather than Take

You should live life not only for yourself but also others. Once you give more than receive, you will be able to connect to the wider world, and eventually, happiness will find you.

You will see that once you go beyond your Ego, there is a lot more to discover in the world.

Happy people never fear death.

People who live a life of wisdom will never fear death.

Let’s Learn and Grow Together.


The Art of Self-Discovery


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